Have Fun Trading Football Cards

Have Fun Trading Football Cards

I am one of the lucky women in life who has the privilege of living with all men. Yes, that’s right, I live in my house with my husband and four sons! I never would have imagined that my life would turn out this way, nor would I have imagined how much I love being surrounded by all of my men. There is so much to share on this subject, for I have learned a host of things from being removed from other women on a daily basis. One of the things that has fascinated me about raising boys is the hobbies they choose to spend time on. For example, for the past three years trading football cards has been the only thing talked about in our home.

I grew up with all sisters, so it was quite a new thing for me to be surrounded by litte boys. I was shocked by their need for adventure and by their desire to play things like ‘cops and robbers.’ I was also shocked that they could find such pleasure in collecting, trading, buying and selling such a thing as football cards.

Each of my four boys and my husband has a huge binder that holds their football cards. I guess my husband grew up collecting football cards and cards from other sports, so he was thrilled to have sons and get to include them in one of his favorite hobbies. They love their football card collections and they have their binders arranged just so. I cannot see a method to their madness, yet I am assured that there is one and that “I wouldn’t understand because I am a girl.” I agree totally.

Once a year my boys steal away and go to a convention whose sole purpose is for trading, buying and selling football cards. I love it when they go because I get the house to myself for a long weekend, but I also love it because my boys come home and are filled with excitement for weeks on end. We always make popcorn and drink soda when they return as they each take turns showing me every single (I’m not exagerating) card that they got at the convention. I have grown to love these times with my boys, and I’ve even learned a lot about football in the process.

So consider starting to collect and trade football cards if you don’t already. From a mom’s perspective, it is harmless and somewhat educational, and I think at this point that I cannot ask for much more.