President Bush – On Steroid Use in Sports

President Bush– On Steroid Usage in Sports

The United States President Bush in his State of the Union address 2004 advised team owners, players, coaches and union authorities to crack down on steroid usage in sports; in fact, prompted them to eliminate steroids from sports.

Speaking on steroid usage in sports, the former owner of the Texas Rangers baseball team, President Bush called for professional sports leagues and athletes to set much better examples for children and “get rid of steroids now.”

Bush particularly described steroid use in Major League Baseball and the NFL that were all set to execute a strong policy versus steroid usage in sports.

Bush stated, “Regrettably, some in professional sports are not setting much of an example; steroid use in sports, such as baseball, football and other sports is unsafe, and it sends out the incorrect message– that there are faster ways to accomplishment which efficiency is more vital than character.”

The president naturally was signifying about BALCO debate. As a former team owner, President Bush has excellent appreciation for sports, but his is strongly in favor of fabricating the sternest authorities versus steroid usage in sports. It will actually be for the good of sports and sports individuals.

The President’s stance on steroid usage in sports is appreciated by lots of like me. I highly agree with the president that steroid usage in sports send incorrect message; it definitely does send a wrong message. Youngsters follow superstars; if their super stars use steroids in sports, they will surely follow them.

Health Aspect is the most threatening factor about steroid use in sports. The steroid use in sports is excessively increasing. Sports persons are commonly utilizing steroids as efficiency enhancing drugs, but they must understand the major consequences of steroid use in sports; these short-term enhancements might cause long-term harms.