Come to Think of the Most Famous Basketball Players

Come to Think of the Most Famous Basketball Players

Basketball fanatics have something in common aside from knowing the latest basketball news and standing of teams, they also know the most famous basketball players in the history. Among these are the hall of famers and other big names known in the industry.

Most are very bankable stars and still some are old enough to retire but won’t for the love of the game. There are very many that made it to the top stories of basketball news but there are few that really marked in the minds of basketball fanatics as well as the history. Some are as follows:

1. Michael Jordan. ESPN’s greatest North American athlete of the 20th century is still very significant in the world of basketball and is still making big waves even after his retirement in the industry. Air Jordan to his many fans, Michael had left his career on top. He was the undefeated Most Valuable Player (MVP) in his time and Bulls’ most bankable star. But he started out with a humbling story: he was rejected in a varsity position during his tenth grade but that did not stopped him from becoming the best of what he can be. At most, he was admired for his leaping ability and got six NBA Finals MVP awards.

2. Wilt Chamberlain. Philadelphia’s sport symbol Wilt Chamberlain was 1978’s Hall of Famer for the many contributions he added to the industry. He was among those that are involved in making basketball a more effective sport to many. Widening the lane, free throws and inbounding the ball are jusit few of his advocated changes that were all adapted. Even if he was not a fanatic of the game in his early years, he became one of the dominant features in the industry with his advantageous 7 feet 1 inch bulk.

3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. A successful coach and author nowadays, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was another important figure in the NBA. He scored 38,387 points in his 20 years in the industry, the highest score ever made by a basketball player. He was an only child and rose in an organized Roman Catholic religion.

4. Lisa Leslie. The fourth most famous basketball player is a woman who won regular season, WNBA Championship and All-Star Game MVP awards in the same season. She was also the first woman who dunked in WNBA game and to score 3,000 points. Lisa Leslie is WNBA’s most known athlete and is idolized by many woman fanatics of the game.

5. Larry Bird. ‘Kodak’ to his coach, Larry Bird is among the world-class clutch performers of NBA. He has a great ability to anticipate and react to his opponents’ offenses and strategies. He played power forward and small forward positions and rebounds very well. His constant motivator is the poverty he struggled from.

The magic five most famous basketball players’ list is just few of the still many very famous players in the industry. These people were highly instrumental in making the game more popular and sought after in the world. In fact, basketball is the most watched and played team sports anywhere in the world.

This is just a proof that the legends in the industry have made a very good job in creating buzz and promoting the sport to every man and woman, adult and young ones around the world.